10 Reasons to Vote Remain

This is 1 of a 2 part series. Click here to view our 10 Reasons to Vote Leave.

1. Economy

You believe that by remaining in the EU… the UK economy and personal wealth will be protected from risk and uncertainty.

You realise that the EU’s share of UK trade is decreasing, but believe maintaining the current level of access to the Single Market is essential for the UK economy – for protecting existing trade with EU countries, and jobs associated with that trade. You realise some non-EU countries have full access to the Single Market, but don’t believe it would be an option for the UK. You also realise that the EU’s largest trading partner is the USA for both goods and services, but believe the UK’s EU trade benefits from UK membership of the Single Market.  You recognise that foreign investors cite a number of reasons for investing in the UK, but believe any reduction in access to the Single Market will be detrimental to inflows of ongoing and future foreign investment.

2. Freedom of Movement

You believe that by remaining in the EU… your rights to live, work, study, and travel anywhere in the EU will be protected.

You recognise that ‘freedom of movement’ allows EU citizens to live and work in the UK and that this curtails the UK’s ability to manage immigration. However, you believe that on balance the advantage of being able to live, work, study and travel across the EU without the need for bilateral agreements, visas or permits – outweighs any disadvantage associated with unlimited EU immigration. You realise that free movement of EU citizens prompts tighter controls on non-EU immigration, but believe that this is offset by economic benefits of high and low skilled EU workers entering the UK to work.

3. Worker’s rights

You believe that by remaining in the EU… worker’s rights will be protected.

You realise that the EU has set “a floor not a ceiling” for worker’s rights in areas such as paid holiday, maternity leave & pay, equality, and anti-discrimination – and that the UK has previously legislated to provide more generous rights than those set out by the EU.  However, you believe that if the UK leaves the EU, then any current or future British Government could secure majority parliamentary approval and scrap such rights – in pursuit of cost savings, or responding to pressure from business.

4. Security

You believe that by remaining in the EU… the UK will be able to continue to cooperate and collaborate with other EU members on matters of security.

You realise that the UK has one of the world’s leading security and intelligence services, and that its biggest intelligence relationships lie outside the EU. You also realise that most cooperation and collaboration is conducted in the mutual interest; however you believe that leaving the EU could result in the UK being excluded from existing and emerging security initiatives set at the EU level – which in turn could threaten the ability of the UK to tackle cross-border crime and terrorism.

5. The Environment

You believe that by remaining in the EU… the UK will be in a better position to protect the environment and tackle climate change.

You realise that environmental protection attracts wide public support and cross-party political support in the UK; however, you believe that external pressure, legislation and auditing from the EU is necessary to guarantee protections for the environment. You recognise that global action is necessary for tackling climate change through organisations such as the UNFCC, but believe EU membership is important for ensuring EU-wide targets for greenhouse gas emissions, renewable energy consumption and energy efficiency are met.

6. Influence

You believe that by remaining in the EU… British influence in Europe and in the world will be greater from inside rather than outside the EU.

You recognise that the UK is a top 5 world economy, top 5 military power and the second largest provider of overseas development aid; however, you believe that as one of the “big three” players in a 28 country union and world’s largest trade bloc, the UK is better placed to exert influence. You realise that the EU represents all its members and adopts a powerful – yet single – voice in global affairs which won’t always represent the views of the UK. On balance however, you believe that the UK derives greater benefit from influencing the EU’s position and leveraging the EU’s position of power.

7. Peace

You believe that by remaining in the EU… the UK will help to ensure peace and stability in Europe.

While you recognise the role that NATO and the UN have played in ensuring peace and avoiding conflict in Europe, you believe the close economic and political ties between EU countries also play a vital role in ensuring peace and stability. You realise that expansion of the EU’s security and defence policy into areas such as a permanent EU army is gaining support, but believe that the UK and other members will confine the EU to non-military operations and will continue to coordinate military action through NATO.

8. Legislation and Common Standards

You believe that by remaining in the EU… the UK will be able to influence and participate in EU-wide legislation and regulation for the benefit of the UK.

You believe that Britain plays a key role within the EU in determining the scope, extent and direction of EU legislation and market regulations. You realise that EU legislation is proposed by an unelected European Commission, but believe that through the review process in the Parliament and Council the UK is able to exert influence through amendments or, in cooperation with others, by rejecting the legislation altogether.  You realise that some EU regulations are burdensome on UK business and there is a case for reducing this burden of “red tape”, but believe that on balance common regulation between EU members reduces barriers to trade, supports competition, enforces protections for the consumer, and maintains better safety standards.

9. Human rights

You believe that by remaining in the EU… human rights and civil liberties in the UK will be better protected.

You recognise that the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) is a separate treaty to that of European Union and many non-EU countries are party to it; however, you believe that EU membership and the European Court of Justice (ECJ) are integral to ensuring that the UK continues to participate in the ECHR and to uphold human rights law. You realise that the UK Supreme Court and UK Parliament are subject to the rulings of the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) and the European Court of Justice (ECJ), but believe that the supranational jurisdiction on human rights is an important safeguard to protect individuals from the British state.

10. Funding

You believe that by remaining in the EU… the UK will continue to benefit from EU funding for regional development, science, and education.

You recognise that the UK is a net contributor to the EU, but believe EU membership is necessary to ensure that the UK continues to receive and allocate development funding to poorer regions in the UK and across the EU, as well as funding for science and education. You realise that the EU’s investment funds are funded from the UK’s EU contributions, but believe the EU is the best arbiter of how and where these funds are spent.


This is 1 of a 2 part series. Click here to view our 10 Reasons to Vote Leave.

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