Welcome to Pollstation’s EU Referendum microsite.

A big subject and a big idea.

The EU Referendum – “the most important vote in a generation”.  A decision that involves and impacts everyone in the UK, and which will either reaffirm the country’s role in European political union, or see it sail on a new voyage of independence.

The referendum is also the perfect subject for us to take our plans and ideas for test drive – and to bring you a taster of what Pollstation is all about.

We believe your view counts.  Our mission therefore is to help make it count, by putting a source of neutral subject briefings at your fingertips, to share with you the collated views of others, to give you the chance to say where you stand (and afford you the flexibility to to change your mind), and to offer debate and discussion with others.

Pollstation is an ambitious convergence of publishing, social networking, and market research…  it’s all of these things and none of these things.  We have what we consider a unique take on online opinion and every inch of it has been designed and engineered around you.

Our skilled development team are currently building Pollstation.  We’ll be launching the full site this summer on web, android and iPhone.  To keep up to date on our progress please join our mailing list here.

In the meantime, we hope you find this site useful and enjoyable.  If you do, please do connect with us, and share our content.  If you don’t please get in touch and suggest how we can improve things.

On behalf of the team, thank you for visiting our site today.


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